This is Concrète

Concrète promotes electronic and experimental music in the Northwest: through our club night at The Ferret in Preston, through releases on our tape label, and through reviews, previews and articles on this website.

Our focus is live music rather than DJs, and hardware over software: laptops and turntables are thrown into the mix often enough, but our first loves are analogue bleeps and thumping drum machines.

Since October 2014, we’ve hosted live performances by Ahrkh (from Salford’s psych/noise/techno/whatever collective Gnod), Wigan’s Duke Street Workshop, Preston to Manchester exile Carriers, Otherchannels, Magnetic Northwest, Viva Shade, and loads of performances by regulars Rob Hill, Durham Modun (together as Unit 303) and PRTYDSTRYR – you can check out some recent highlights at our soundcloud.

One thing the last year has shown us is that there’s a load of intensely good electronic music being made round here, and it needs spreading further: so from October 2015, we’re launching Concrète Tapes to do some of that spreading. Regular releases on cassette and digital of music from acts we’ve loved over the last 12 months. Watch this space for details of our launch event, and previews of the first few releases. We can’t wait for you to hear ’em…


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