25th October @ The Ferret: Concrète w/ Polypores, Unit 303, Hyberus

Concrete oct 15

Concrète has been running a year, and to celebrate we’re launching a tape label to showcase some of the great music we’ve discovered the region has to offer along the way. This month all of the acts featured have upcoming releases on our label Concrète Tapes – the presses are running, and the first album will be available to buy on the night.

Topping the bill is Polypores: the latest guise for musical polymath Stephen Buckley, Polypores conjures up imaginary soundtracks from public service broadcasts and science fiction films of a bygone age that never existed. Think John Carpenter and Italo-disco filtered through Scarfolk Council’s tannoy system, or Donna Summer pitched down to 33 rpm and heard through a haze of long-banned sedatives and you’re in the right ballpark.

Polypores’ new album will be dropping on Concrète Tapes in the next few weeks, but in the meantime check out his Soundcloud page to whet your appetite.

Unit 303 are Concrète founding members Rob Hill and Durham Modun: their uncompromising brand of heavy acid will be familiar to anyone who’s been to more than a couple of our nights over the last 12 months. Back with a new set of raw & brutal buzz-cut techno, Unit 303 will be road testing some new tracks before laying them down in the studio.

Hyberus is the latest musical project from long time Preston/Shrewsbury avant-guardist Dave Gate. Dave has been producing radical music for almost 40 years, chiefly as part of Shrewsbury collective Land of Yrx, who did brisk business on the 80s industrial underground. There’s plenty of their stuff out there to listen to, but we particularly like this dubby post-punk number Destroying the Beauty of Fragile Objects. For this performance, Dave reunites with Land of Yrx bandmate Rob Andrews alongside several other collaborators to produce a guitar ensemble, treated and processed live. We’re excited to hear what this collaboration is going to sound like, and we’re equally pleased to be releasing a collection of Dave’s productions, which will be available soon.


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