15th November @ The Ferret: Teeth of the Sea, AHRKH WAGNER, Lorentzian


This month Concrète have teamed up with our friends at Tuff Life Boogie to bring you one of our very favourite bands, Teeth of the Sea.

The London based psych/techno/whatever 4-piece have been blowing our minds for the last few years – their last album Master was one of the albums of 2013, and their blistering live shows have been highlights of recent Liverpool Psych Fests, Supernormal and other festivals of weird.

Teeth of the Sea are touring in support of their upcoming album Highly Deadly Black Tarantula (which cites Aphex Twin, Angelo Badalamenti, Throbbing Gristle, Chicago footwork and black metal as influences, and is released imminently on Rocket Recordings). Check out taster track Animal Manservant here.

Support comes from: AHRKH WAGNER

AHRKH WAGNER is the cosmic convergence of Alex P. Macarte (AHRKH, GNOD) and Mark Wagner (MOON RA, H.U.M, S&M)

In a meeting of minds and Spirit AHRKH WAGNER explore the aural / astral panorama and ultra dimensional transportation via sound, conjuring portals, voids and vibe-ratory atmospheres for Magikal / Mystikal celebrations of the uni-verse and beyond…


And finally, a new solo project from our own Rob Hill, Lorentzian promises live sequencing with analogue synthesisers done with retro aesthetics – classic Berlin School space music but with more contemporary edge mixing drone soundscapes and textures.

£5 in, tickets available from The Ferret bar and Action Records, and online from wegottickets.


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