Concrète Split Series 1: Polypores/Lorentzian


Out this weekend is the first in an ultra-limited, tape only series of split cassingles.  The cassingle features two exclusive cuts of widescreen electronica: Rainwitch from Polypores, which further explores the territory he touched on in his first release for us; and Gaussian V0.9, the debut outing from Lorentzian – a deep, beatless track of mournful washes and arpeggios. I’ve just been driving round the dark rainy streets of Preston with these tracks on a loop – rarely has music fitted it’s environment so perfectly.

The music on these releases will not be available for download or on any other format, so if you want to hear it you’ll need to buy the tape. We’ll be selling it at the Teeth of the Sea gig, Sunday 15th of November, and any left over will be sold on Bandcamp from Monday. Don’t sleep on this.


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