I guarantee that this is the best jungle mix you have ever heard.


Driving Alex & Mark back to Salford after the Teeth of the Sea show last night, I gave them a choice of soundtrack: ragga jungle or punk rock: as is so often the case, ragga jungle won, and this went on. Arriving rushing to fuck, headbanging and about 10 minutes ahead of schedule,  I was reminded both how jaw-droppingly brilliant it is and how it mystifyingly isn’t on the internet to listen to (except some pretty shit MP3s I stuck up a few years ago which were such poor quality no-one will have bothered listening all the way through). I’ve re-recorded it to MP3 and have uploaded it – please take the time to listen – then listen to it again, and share it with everyone you know. It’s that good.


Released in 1995, it’s the cassette version of the Kemet Crew’s era defining compilation Champion Jungle Sound: it’s actually worth shelling out the 40-50 quid the unmixed vinyl version of this album changes hands for, because every single track is a total classic. You could easily make a party blow up with just two copies of the LP and nothing else – and in essence, that’s exactly what The Brain Killers do on this cassette.

60 minutes of the highest quality chopped amens, warped sub-bass, roots samples and ragga chat, all yours at the click of a button. HERE.

Details and full tracklists are all at Discogs




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