Basic Concept: Live in Salacious Sussex


New for the festive season, Basic Concept’s Live in Salacious Sussex is a new project from Ceramic Hobs mainstay Simon Morris with new collaborator Car Anderson. It’s a truly unique musical experiment, taking in slow-motion techno noise, hip-hop and random bits of popular songs plucked from the ether as if from a tuning radio.

Simon says:

While searching for an exit route from Blackpool’s infamous and thirty years in existence psychiatric underground group The Ceramic Hobs, singer Simon Morris fell in with the Sussex-based conceptual fine artist Carl Anderson – who has performed solo electronics as Nil by Nose – for a shambolic two date tour of SW Germany in 2013. Two years later they are beginning to take their peculiar Arte more seriously. These two performances from six months apart in 2015 were both improvised around a loosely prearranged structure: the same yet different every show. Hypnotic beats and noise frequencies, chants, appropriated words, sinister raps. Welcome to Salacious Sussex

Limited to 20-odd copies on purple cassettes. Get on this sharpish.



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