Portland Vows: Living with Animals


Living with Animals is the debut album from Portland Vows, the musical guise of Aberdeen based philosopher Bob Plant, out now on Concrète Tapes.

The album takes in six tracks of lush ambience, by turns mournful and haunting, hypnotic, uplifting and euphoric. Each track is constructed from a deceptively minimal combination of elements, subtly manipulated over it’s length to tease out a depth of sound and emotion beyond what’s immediately apparent – and which gets totally under your skin on repeated listening.

Bob has been experimenting with synthesisers and electronic music since the early 80s, but began taking it more seriously in the last 8 years while working in Aberdeen as a professional philosopher. His day job both informed and was informed by his musical interests: a recent academic paper in the journal Philosphy and Social Criticism dealt with Hauntology, Derrida and the fear of death – more musical influences include bands like Harmonia, Cluster, Broadcast, Coil, Pram, Beak> and Stereolab.

This release comes on a burnt orange shell cassette with hand printed labels, a hand-printed two-colour cover, with an insert and hand printed sticker, and is available from Bandcamp, in person at one of our nights and in the next couple of days from Action Records in Preston.



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