Field Lines Cartographer – Magnetic Anomalies

The Phenomenon of phenomena

People have always reported strange encounters, sightings & experiences – phenomena that defy the usual order of the world. Many of these reports can be easily explained away, de-bunked or ignored.

Yet, some are so compelling, so consistent. They stand up to close scrutiny under polygraph or lie-detector tests. Usually there is nothing to be gained from making up such accounts – and the lives of the individuals are often ruined afterwards.

But in these cases the people concerned are without question completely sure of what they describe. It is the truth from their perspective. Something happened – there is no doubt. But what?

Perhaps the phenomenon of phenomena itself is more intriguing still than the individual cases. Through electromagnetic recordings, infrasonic exploration & the use of esoteric technology, the Field Lines Cartographer seeks to map the unexplained.


New on Concrète Tapes, we present Magnetic Abnormalities, nine tracks of haunting, atmospheric ambience from Field Lines Cartographer (A new project from the man behind Impulse Array Mark Burford, Lancaster’s deep-space techno vanguard).

The release is strictly limited to 30 copies on a turquoise tape shell, with hand-printed fold around card sleeve, hand printed sticker and labels – up to pre-order right now, fully released next week.

Mark says:
I wanted to make something fairly simple sounding but heavy on atmosphere, with various layers depending on the listening environment.
Listen outside : as dusk creeps in, the sound of the wind through the trees, or the sound of a city preparing for another nightfall, should augment & enhance this recording… Or listen very closely or through headphones to uncover additional textures & sounds buried within.
I wanted to produce an album that the listener could use as a background, in the Eno-sense of ambient, or to ‘zone-out’ to, or conversely to serve as an engaging, detailed listen. Another aim was to balance the seemingly opposing elements of repetition & surprise. I hope I’ve achieved at least some of these things.

Pick it up on Bandcamp, from Action Records in Preston from Monday, or in person at on of our nights.


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