Terry Riley: In C @ The Harris Museum, 5th November


Last year I was at an evening showing of Hitchcock’s Vertigo at Preston’s Harris Museum. There was a sculpture made of several glass parts hanging in the floor above – movements in the air made the parts knock gently together, and during quiet passages of the film the sound this made came cascading down to the audience below – it sounded glorious.

Which got me thinking:  how would that work as a performance space?  Musicians could be arrayed round the circular balcony, with the audience ‘in the round’ in the coffee shop beneath – the music would tumble down from above and from all directions, immersing the audience in a world of sound… and what better piece of music to do this with than Terry Riley’s masterpiece In C?

This is the result of the plan hatched that night, thanks to Josh and John and Uclan Music, who were excited to take the idea and turn it into reality.

Performances will be at 2pm and 6pm on Monday 5th January, and entry is FREE. More details on the facebook event here: please do come.


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