Concrète Disco Mix Club Vol. 1: Stefano Leproto’s Disco Diablo




Last year, Concrète Tapes released a compilation of tracks culled from the Stefano Leproto archive – a box of reel-to-reel tapes discovered on Preston car boot sale by our label boss – to great acclaim. One of the reels was the multi-tracks of a pop-disco number, and we thought: why not pass it round some friend and associates, and let them give it a modern twist?

This tape is the result of that idea – 70 minutes of sometimes radical interpretations of Stefano Leproto’s Disco Diablo, from a stellar cast of stars from the tape underground and beyond.

From a warped fuzzy ambient reworking by Polypores to a banging EBM mix from Bail; an abstract techno version from Joseph Curwen’s JC Blackley guise to a dark ambient edit from Concrète’s own Lorentzian, this tape covers all the bases.

Originally released for DJs only, we’ve managed to secure some copies which are available from the bandcamp page.


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