Gnod: Live at Concrète / AYN SOF: Gong Gallery


Salford’s Gnod are riding a wave right now: recently celebrating a decade of ecstatic, ever changing live shows and constant releases, their latest album JUST SAY NO TO THE PSYCHO RIGHT​-​WING CAPITALIST FASCIST INDUSTRIAL DEATH MACHINE has been hailed everywhere as a career highlight: and the current tour in support has been earning similar plaudits.

So we’re honoured that the latest releases on Concrète Tapes are both from the Gnod stable: a recording of Gnod’s recent live electronic set at the Concrète stage at Vernal Equinox; and a set of acoustic gong drones from Gnod mainstay Paddy Shine.

Taking in treated sitar, mind-warping bass frequencies, feedback and rave hoovers, Gnod: Live at Concrète captures one of the band’s rare improvised electronic sets: uncompromising and heavy as fuck. We’re sure you’ll love it.

The initial release is 50 copies on a racing green cassette shell, with a hand printed insert, made to a design by James Kitchingman. Half of the run will be available from us, and the other half will be going on tour with Gnod, and can be picked up at their shows.

The AYN SOF tape, Gong Gallery is a much more subdued affair, being a longform acoustic drone piece created using four gongs and the unique acoustics of the Islington Mill gallery space – the ideal way to come down from the tense & heavy effects of the Gnod tape, we think…

Again, the initial release is 50 copies split between us and the Gnod merch stall, this time on a red shell. Prints etc as before.

Both tapes are available from our bandcamp to pre-order, shipping at the weekend.


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