Election Fundraising Compilation – Callout

We’ve got a load of 90 minute tapes lying about doing nothing, and an election in a few weeks that we’d like to help the Labour Party win – so we’re going to do a quick compilation, all proceeds to the Labour Party election fighting fund.

We’ll chuck in the tapes and duplication, and design a cover… so we just need some music: if you’re up for it, please send your (previously unreleased) tracks – ideally around 5 mins – to concretepreston@gmail.com  in some sort of lossless format. Please also include some details about yourself, your music etc.

All proceeds (apart from postage costs) to the Labour Party election fund. As time is short we’ll transfer the day’s takings every evening – and we’ll update twitter with the amount so you can see how it’s going.

Please let anyone you know who might be interested – the more the merrier. Also if you have any 90 minute tapes lying about not being used and would like to donate them so we can extend the tape run, please get in touch.

Assuming we get enough people interested in contributing, deadline is midnight on Wednesday 24th – we’ll release it by midnight Thursday 25th.

Cheers – and please share.

UPDATE: Following last night’s tragedy in Manchester, we’re going to send half the proceeds to the We Stand Together Manchester fund.


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