Conceived a little under a week ago, RED FLAG is a compilation of experimental and electronic music put together to raise funds for the Labour Party election fund in the final weeks of the 2017 General Election. Shortly after we started pulling it together, the Manchester bombing happened, so we’ve decided to split the money raised down the middle – half to Labour, half to the We Stand Together Manchester fund.

A full 90 minutes of music: archival interludes from veteran Blackpool noise punks Ceramic Hobs; hauntologic electro from Patterned Air’s Lo Five and our own Polypores; intense psych from Locean; Giallo soundtracks from Repeated Viewing; fractured techno from Sacred Tapes’ Carriers; recently unearthed early 80s industrial electro-pop from Karen Novotny X; lush ambience from Field Lines Cartographer; minimalist solo piano from William Thompson; cut up and warped sound art from Tse Tse Fly Middle East’s Simon Coates, and so much more besides… 21 tracks, for a fiver.

Go to Bandcamp and get a copy right now.

All the artists have given their music free of charge, and the cassettes have been donated by Concrète Tapes, so all the cash raised will go directly towards helping in the final push to kick out the Tories, and towards helping the families of those killed in the bombing (minus fees charged by bandcamp & paypal, and postage). As time is short, we’ll be transferring money daily where possible until the election (or until it stops selling…).

After the election, anything else raised will go to the Manchester fund. Check the tag #cassettes4corbyn on twitter to keep up with how much has been raised.

We’ve been overwhelmed by the quality and volume of music that’s been submitted – so much that there isn’t room on the tape for everything we received – so apologies if you’ve sent us a track and it doesn’t feature.

(We also advocate getting involved with canvassing or phonebanking in your nearest marginal over the next few weeks – it’s actually quite good fun…)



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