September Concrète: 10th Sept @ The Ferret – Thomas Ragsdale / Polypores


Thomas Ragsdale is one of the country’s finest purveyors of moody post-everything electronica – half of long-running Leeds based due Worriedaboutsatan, Ragsdale has recently seen his star on the ascendant with his music being used to soundtrack part of Adam Curtis’ hypnotic state of the nation/world BBC documentary  Hypernormalisation, along with a slew of well received shows across the country, both solo and with Worriedaboutsatan. Thomas also runs the record label This Is It Forever, releasing lush and glacial electronica and post-classical music.

Thomas’ set at Concrète last year was incredible, so we’re delighted to welcome him back – and even more delighted to announce that as well as a solo set, he will be performing an EXCLUSIVE collaboration with our own Polypores which will only be performed at this show.

AND Polypores will also be performing a solo set.

So… kick off the weekend / post holiday lethargy, cause this one is going to be awesome – maybe you should also listen to this mix someone did last year of tracks from This Is It Forever and Concrète releases…

Facebook event is here – starts at 8pm, at The Ferret, Fylde Road, Sunny ol’ Preston.



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