NEW: Portland Vows & Field Lines Cartographer

Finally returning in 2018, Concrète Tapes is back with two new essential releases from two of our most in demand acts.

Portland Vows returns with his third album for the imprint, another set of blissful narcotic melodies and drones, beatless techno and slow motion ambience. Yet again Bob Plant pushes his unique musical vision into new territory, with vocals featuring for the very first time (a unique and glorious cover of The Modern Lovers’ – and then Galaxie 500’s – Don’t Let Your Youth Go To Waste), as well as two super-long remixed versions of highlight tracks from the album, Lizards and No More Learning To Bite.


The album is released on a blood-red cassette, with the long extra mixes on a bonus clear tape, which are presented in a hand printed heavy duty presentation box, with a hand printed insert. Get it HERE.


Mark Burford has been busy recently with Impulse Array shows and releases (including an EP for Concrète Tapes last year), but has found time to roll out new long player as Field Lines Cartographer, Groundwaves – a follow up to his much loved slow burning debut Magnetic Anomalies.


Groundwaves is a whole new beast for FLC, with pushing in new fronts of sinister darkness, Cosmische noodle and warped melodies to the warm bucolic ambience we found on his firs tape for us. Uneasy listening par excellence.

The album is available on a hand-printed pea green cassette, with a hand printed wrap-around kraft card sleeve. Get it HERE.


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