Conceived a little under a week ago, RED FLAG is a compilation of experimental and electronic music put together to raise funds for the Labour Party election fund in the final weeks of the 2017 General Election. Shortly after we started pulling it together, the Manchester bombing happened, so we’ve decided to split the money raised down the middle – half to Labour, half to the We Stand Together Manchester fund.

A full 90 minutes of music: archival interludes from veteran Blackpool noise punks Ceramic Hobs; hauntologic electro from Patterned Air’s Lo Five and our own Polypores; intense psych from Locean; Giallo soundtracks from Repeated Viewing; fractured techno from Sacred Tapes’ Carriers; recently unearthed early 80s industrial electro-pop from Karen Novotny X; lush ambience from Field Lines Cartographer; minimalist solo piano from William Thompson; cut up and warped sound art from Tse Tse Fly Middle East’s Simon Coates, and so much more besides… 21 tracks, for a fiver.

Go to Bandcamp and get a copy right now.

All the artists have given their music free of charge, and the cassettes have been donated by Concrète Tapes, so all the cash raised will go directly towards helping in the final push to kick out the Tories, and towards helping the families of those killed in the bombing (minus fees charged by bandcamp & paypal, and postage). As time is short, we’ll be transferring money daily where possible until the election (or until it stops selling…).

After the election, anything else raised will go to the Manchester fund. Check the tag #cassettes4corbyn on twitter to keep up with how much has been raised.

We’ve been overwhelmed by the quality and volume of music that’s been submitted – so much that there isn’t room on the tape for everything we received – so apologies if you’ve sent us a track and it doesn’t feature.

(We also advocate getting involved with canvassing or phonebanking in your nearest marginal over the next few weeks – it’s actually quite good fun…)



St James Infirmary: A Heap of Broken Images


St James Infirmary is (mostly) Northumbrian polymath G.W Lang: new album A Heap of Broken Images sees the 30-odd year old project at it’s most psychedelic and expansive.

One minute dancing round a fire with an acid-fried celtic sex cult, the next sat at the bar at 3am in a smoke-filled jazz club, via some marvelously sideways pop songs: Lang doesn’t stay still in one form for the whole 45 minutes, with only a keen ear for melody and offbeat instrumentation holding the ship together.

Available on a limited run of 30 clear cassettes with hand-printed wraparound sleeve and labels  (and on MP3) from bandcamp – the cassette also features a bonus tune that won’t be available on any other format.


St James Infirmary, of Ashington, Northumberland, was formed in 1985 as the vehicle for singer, songwriter and multi- instrumentalist G.W.Lang and has been continuously active ever since. G.W.L. is assisted in his work by an evolving and rotating cast of bandmates, and at last count, SJI has had something in the region of 50 members.

“It was the best of bands, it was the worst of bands, it was the band of wisdom, it was the band of foolishness, it was the band of belief, it was the band of incredulity, it was the band of Light, it was the band of Darkness! Bliss it was at that concert to be alive, but to be drunk was very heaven!
Charles Dickens: A Tale Of St. James Infirmary (1859)

Polypores: Blooms / Mire


New from Polypores: two variations on a theme, long-form sprawling kosmische jams full of bubbling arpeggios and mournful synths: think Ash-Ra filtered through a mid-90s post rave comedown. Totally essential, and available on baby blue tape shell with hand printed sleeves and all that.

Listen and buy right here.

Election Fundraising Compilation – Callout

We’ve got a load of 90 minute tapes lying about doing nothing, and an election in a few weeks that we’d like to help the Labour Party win – so we’re going to do a quick compilation, all proceeds to the Labour Party election fighting fund.

We’ll chuck in the tapes and duplication, and design a cover… so we just need some music: if you’re up for it, please send your (previously unreleased) tracks – ideally around 5 mins – to concretepreston@gmail.com  in some sort of lossless format. Please also include some details about yourself, your music etc.

All proceeds (apart from postage costs) to the Labour Party election fund. As time is short we’ll transfer the day’s takings every evening – and we’ll update twitter with the amount so you can see how it’s going.

Please let anyone you know who might be interested – the more the merrier. Also if you have any 90 minute tapes lying about not being used and would like to donate them so we can extend the tape run, please get in touch.

Assuming we get enough people interested in contributing, deadline is midnight on Wednesday 24th – we’ll release it by midnight Thursday 25th.

Cheers – and please share.

UPDATE: Following last night’s tragedy in Manchester, we’re going to send half the proceeds to the We Stand Together Manchester fund.

Gnod: Live at Concrète / AYN SOF: Gong Gallery


Salford’s Gnod are riding a wave right now: recently celebrating a decade of ecstatic, ever changing live shows and constant releases, their latest album JUST SAY NO TO THE PSYCHO RIGHT​-​WING CAPITALIST FASCIST INDUSTRIAL DEATH MACHINE has been hailed everywhere as a career highlight: and the current tour in support has been earning similar plaudits.

So we’re honoured that the latest releases on Concrète Tapes are both from the Gnod stable: a recording of Gnod’s recent live electronic set at the Concrète stage at Vernal Equinox; and a set of acoustic gong drones from Gnod mainstay Paddy Shine.

Taking in treated sitar, mind-warping bass frequencies, feedback and rave hoovers, Gnod: Live at Concrète captures one of the band’s rare improvised electronic sets: uncompromising and heavy as fuck. We’re sure you’ll love it.

The initial release is 50 copies on a racing green cassette shell, with a hand printed insert, made to a design by James Kitchingman. Half of the run will be available from us, and the other half will be going on tour with Gnod, and can be picked up at their shows.

The AYN SOF tape, Gong Gallery is a much more subdued affair, being a longform acoustic drone piece created using four gongs and the unique acoustics of the Islington Mill gallery space – the ideal way to come down from the tense & heavy effects of the Gnod tape, we think…

Again, the initial release is 50 copies split between us and the Gnod merch stall, this time on a red shell. Prints etc as before.

Both tapes are available from our bandcamp to pre-order, shipping at the weekend.



Portland Vows – Play Nicely

front 1.jpg

Aberdeen-based philosopher/producer Bob Plant returns to Concrète Tapes with a second collection of slow moving, lush and blown-out post-everything electronica.

Continuing where last year’s debut tape Living With Animals left off, Play Nicely presents a further nine tracks mining the same rich seam that earned the first album so many fans – long, slow progressions, gorgeous swelling synth lines and hypnotic repetition – as well as stepping up a gear with a few beats creeping in here and there.

The album is available from our Bandcamp on a pea-green cassette with a wrap around card sleeve, hand printed with a lino cut designed by Concrète’s Joe Maclaren. The cassette features an additional track which is not available to download, and is limited to 30 – you can get it from Bandcamp, from us at one of our nights, or from Action Records in Preston.

Concrète Disco Mix Club Vol. 1: Stefano Leproto’s Disco Diablo




Last year, Concrète Tapes released a compilation of tracks culled from the Stefano Leproto archive – a box of reel-to-reel tapes discovered on Preston car boot sale by our label boss – to great acclaim. One of the reels was the multi-tracks of a pop-disco number, and we thought: why not pass it round some friend and associates, and let them give it a modern twist?

This tape is the result of that idea – 70 minutes of sometimes radical interpretations of Stefano Leproto’s Disco Diablo, from a stellar cast of stars from the tape underground and beyond.

From a warped fuzzy ambient reworking by Polypores to a banging EBM mix from Bail; an abstract techno version from Joseph Curwen’s JC Blackley guise to a dark ambient edit from Concrète’s own Lorentzian, this tape covers all the bases.

Originally released for DJs only, we’ve managed to secure some copies which are available from the bandcamp page.